Zipline Park, aerial runway, Flying Fox

The zipline park is the modern version of the famous Canopy Trail from South America. In this new outdoor attraction, participants glide from 15 to 400 meters along a steel cable from tree to tree. The newly developed faszinatour Zipline system provides smooth gliding and safe landing on platforms mounted in treetops. An easy to use system ensures optimum safety for all participants with maximum fun and minimal staff costs for the operator. This is made possible by the highest safety standards and the use of the interactive pulley-karabiner system from Edelrid called “smart belay”, which prevent inadvertent complete detachment from the steel cable.

To enter the zipline park no particular physical fitness is required. For ziplines which have an excessive height difference between the start and end point, we can use an automatic rope brake instead of the participant being braked by the normal cable sag (for example, in the Deer Park Oberreith).
The zipline park can be operated as an independent profit centre. But it is also an ideal complement to adventure parks and other recreational facilities. In addition, a zipline can be built not only from tree to tree, but also from mast to mast (wood or steel), from tower to tower and over ravines, quarries, lakes or rivers.

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