The fascination of bees as inspiration for companies

„Next week the haul is coming!“, Jenny triumphed at the beginning of March. „…well…I mean the empty beehive“, she added quickly, after catching quizzical looks from her colleagues. And in no time at all our new sustainability project was number one topic in the faszinatour office life.

We launched our “bee-sponsorship“ with the „Hand on top“ campaign enthusiastically and left with coloured hands our marks on the empty wooden box, which was to become home of a bee colony from June on in the faszinatour Outdoorcampus in Bolsterlang. Completely fascinated by our new topic and endlessly shocked by the dramatic quota of bee mortality, we dedicated our yearly participation in the German campaign days „Sustainability“ to the support of insect diversity. In the course of our team-day we created a lovely bee pasture with flowering plants for our bees and a decent insect hotel.

Whoever had time during summer came to Bolsterlang to watch our busy bees and was secretly looking forward to harvesting the delicious honey. Throughout the summer, our beekeeper kept us informed about our bee hives – in this way, the topic accompanied us the whole year.

At the end of the year, we are still wildely enthusiastic about our bee-project and we are more and more fascinated how the bees organize their colony in the best possible way. As Dieter Schürer describes in his book, „Principles of Beehive-Management“, we can draw many parallels between the beehive and certain topics of the modern business world, like leadership, agility and resilience. For years now, we have met these cutting-edge topics with our customers and we are very proud to support them with the method of experience-based learning in various teambuilding measures, management trainings or consulting services.

It is just obvious that we need to pass on our newly gained fascination about bees as business inspiration. The idea: Upon request, we combine tried and tested trainings and events with activities, which support insect diversity and contribute to the sustainability initiative of companies. Building an insect hotel, creating a bee pasture or a meadow orchard – in the sense of a GreenVent “everything is possible“! As for trainings, we can offer programmes for teams or executives, in which specific business topics are reflected in the behaviour of bees.

We would love to accompany your own bee-sponsorship! We support you, when starting the project, and keep you informed about interesting bee topics. Do good and show your social responsibility!

Bienenfaszination als Unternehmensinspiration