We are carbon neutral

The urgency to actively engage in climate protection and sustainability is growing, and with it the demand on ourselves to set an example in the company as a whole and in our individual business areas. We believe that we are on the right path, the beginning has been made. Because even with small steps we can contribute to change. Find out here what we are doing to gradually improve our eco-balance.

"Climate-neutral company" means: we have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, are working on continuous reduction and have offset the unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects with ClimatePartner.



1. Calculate carbon emissions

Together with ClimatePartner we have calculated our CCF – Corporate Carbon Footprint. This includes emissions from sources such as energy and heating, business travel, office supplies and everything else that we use in the operation of our company.

2. Avoid and reduce emissions

Our CCF calculation shows us where we need to reduce our carbon emissions. We update it every year to monitor our progress and identify additional areas for improvement.

3. Carbon offset

For the time being, some emissions remain unavoidable. We offset them by supporting a project from the ClimatePartner portfolio.

Sustainability lives from small steps

What we pay attention to in everyday work

Shop local

Without coffee, everyday office life becomes difficult. We source our coffee beans from a coffee roasting company in the Allgäu region of Germany that focuses on fair trade. We start with coffee and continue with food and drinks. Short supply chains and supporting local businesses are important to us.

Sharing is caring

The Allgäu is a vast region where people are mostly dependent on a car. Wherever possible, carpools are formed and as soon as the weather permits, our employees are out and about by bicycle.

Save the bees

In 2018, faszinatour adopted a bee colony as part of an internal team training. Over a period of 4 months, we were allowed to look after a bee colony at a local beekeeper's house and learn why they are so important for us and our climate. The project was carried out at the location of our Adventure Park in Bolsterlang.

The best rubbish is no rubbish

Of course, we primarily pay attention to the avoidance of waste and, if it does occur, to strict waste separation. To this end, we have appropriate stations in our offices to raise awareness of correct separation and make it easy to do. Because in the occasionally hectic everyday life, practicable solutions are in demand.

As a whole company, faszinatour causes just under 68 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, which need to be offset and, above all, reduced.

Move the slider to see what that means. A great incentive to limit emissions!

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