We have been living and breathing sustainability since 1986

How can we humans gather intensive experiences outdoors without exploiting and destroying nature? This question has defined our work since faszinatour began in the 1980s.

Sustainability is more than just a bandwagon that more and more companies are jumping on to bolster their image. When implemented correctly and embraced consistently, it can also drive innovation and generate success. Because it guarantees important competitive advantages in the decisive fields of the future: recruitment, employee motivation and customer satisfaction.

Embraced and experienced together, sustainability can motivate employees, enthuse customers and create strong ties to the company. This requires more than lip-service and certification lists. It requires devoted people that gladly participate in the process of change and embrace it with enthusiasm.

We take responsibility

That’s why we have embraced sustainability for over 30 years. In our interactions with colleagues and employees. In fair relationships with customers and partners. And in our commitment to local and national initiatives and industry associations, to promote common values such as sustainability and responsibility.

  • Our events are as benign and environmentally friendly as possible and we regularly train our employees in sustainable event management.
  • We promote sustainability through cooperations for environmentally conscious company leadership, or with the Tyrolean Rafting Association and WWF Austria for protection of the alpine rivers.
  • As a brand partner of Allgäu GmbH, we have supported the development of sustainability criteria for the Allgäu brand, commit ourselves to observing them and develop proposals for brand partners and companies.

We get involved

Sustainability starts at home – and doesn't stop there. That's why we get involved both in our own region and outside in the wider world:

  • In Allgäu, we are constantly working together with employees and customers on projects to promote the "Nagelfluhkette" nature park.
  • In Germany, togehter with partnerswe have designed the “YES – Erleben durch Erlernen” (experience through learning) project: A new school subject that teaches school children in the tenth grade soft skills such as teamwork, a sense of responsibility, conflict management and communication - it was awarded the German Teaching Prize.
  • In the Dominican Republic, we support the Schulprojekt Cabarete (Cabarete school project). Marcel Pachler, managing director of faszinatour Austria, launched an initiative for the construction of a new school building - today 250 boys and girls can study in the new school.

At faszinatour, you can book sustainable services and formats in every business area:

  • TRAINING EVENT SOLUTIONS: green meetings and events; CSR project faszinatour GreenVent®, volunteering programs, "green days out in Bavaria" biodiversity company outings, networking in nature, communicating messages and values ;experience company values; team and leadership training
  • ADVENTURE PARK SOLUTIONS: Adventure parks that fit perfectly into the surrounding nature for outdoor sporting experiences
  • ACADEMY: training to become a health coach at infer: Institut für Erfahrungslernen (institute for learning by experience); Nature- and Wildernesstrainer
  • EDUCATION THROUGH EXPERIENCE: apprentice outdoor program, YES school project, camps for school kids
  • ADVENTURE & SPORTS: nature-friendly outdoor activities in the Alps

For more information about our offers, please send an email to: info@faszinatour.de or call: +49 (0) 8323 - 96560

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